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Bubble Labels


This listing is for printable bubble labels in any design.  We will match any of the themes in our shop. Please send us a message regarding new designs.

To assemble you will need:

Full sheet label paper (found at a place like Staples) or white cardstock. (If printing on white cardstock you will need to tape it on the back of the bottle.)

Waterproof paper: There is waterproof label paper available at several online stores.

This is one place I have purchased the waterproof label paper from and it works really well: http://www.onlinelabels.com/Products/OL175WJ.htm?kws=yes

Please leave the following in the orders and details section when you checkout:

1. Name and Age
2. Theme for water bottle label - feel free to attach the link to the matching invitation.
3. The exact size for the label. Please measure the label on the bubbles you have. 

Thank you!

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